Posted on: December 30, 2010 7:39 pm

"I Salute You" Adrian Hilburn

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I have been waiting to start my first blog, and I have put it off until now. Something happened today that just put me into a fit of rage. I was watching the New Era Pinstripe Bowl, and it was turning into the best bowl game so far, and then it happened. With 1:13 left in the game Carson Coffman hit senior wideout Adrian Hillburn with a 30-yard td pass to pull the Wildcats with in two. I jumped at the excitement to possibly see the first overtime bowl game this year, and then it happened. A referee had thrown a flag, now me much like the rest of the world did not know what it was until the announcement was made. "Excessive Celebration" that was the call on the field. It seems as though Adrian Hilburn was drawing too much attention to himself by "saluting" the camera after his potential game-tying touchdown reception, which by the way he made two defenerds miss and ran the rest of the 20 untouched. So just like that, the game that could have been was stolen away. Kansas State had to attempt the 2-point conversion from the 18 and the pass fell incomplete. I sat in disbelief as once again the NCAA has ruined another game. The fun of the game is being sucked out more and more each year with these new "celebration rules". The kid just scored a potential game-tying touchdown and he can’t celebrate? He can’t flip the ball (Jake Locker)? He can’t point to the sky? I mean if your going to start calling these are refs going to start throwing flags for kneeling in end zone and praying? Be consistent in your calls; don't call it now and not then. This is a BOWL GAME, this is the biggest game for the exiting seniors, and you just take it away Mr. Referee. Sure during the regular season it may be ok and you may get less "crap" for it, but this is no way to lose a game let along win one. The ref did not have to call that penalty, but he did. And now the New Era Pinstripe's first game will always be remembered for this call.

I will not take away the play of the Syracuse Orange they played a hell of a football game a deserved to win, but Kansas State deserved a shot from the 3-yard line. I don’t know if they would have converted and no one does, but the point is they did not even get a shot to do it. No one will remember Delone Carters 202 yards or Daniel Thomas's 3 touchdowns; they will remember this one play and how the game was lost, not won. "I salute you" Adrian Hilburn for not being afraid to celebrate and showing you are excited. Maybe you will shift the NCAA's position on this subject. Today was a good day because once again the NCAA has shown was a disaster it can be, especially since I just saw Gerald Jones high step and salute the crowd after he caught a touchdown pass with not one penalty flag.

We ask for consistency and that is all.

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